Apply For A Grant

Thank you for your interest in the OKC Black Justice Fund. The deadline for applications was August 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm. To find out who applied and was selected to receive an award, click here.


Who Was Eligible?

Any organizations or groups that were working to advance racial equity and justice in Oklahoma City could have applied for a grant. Organizations did not need to be a 501(c)(3) to be eligible for funding, and there were no limitations on the size or type of the organization.

Preview Application Questions

Please note that applications had be submitted online. This document was meant to serve as a preview, and applications could not be accepted through mail or email.

Application FAQs

How will grant applications be evaluated?

Grants will be evaluated by committee members based on five criteria:

  • Potential for impact on advancing racial justice
  • Connection to the Black Community, which includes considerations such as the composition of leadership and staff and the organization’s experience working within the community they are aiming to serve
  • Strategy for focusing on under-resourced communities in Oklahoma City, with consideration of the team/organization’s existing role within those communities
  • Alignment to the stated goal of the Fund and at least one of the four outlined purposes
  • Presence of a clear and actionable plan for using requested funds
What information should be included in the application?

Click here for a preview of the application questions.

What if I apply for a grant, but do not receive funds?
We recognize that there will likely be more deserving grant requests than there are available funds. The grant application has an optional question that asks if the applicant is comfortable with their application being shared with other funders. Our hope is that, in addition to the grants made directly through the OKC Black Justice Fund, this process will give additional funders an opportunity to learn more about the organizations working toward racial justice and provide insight on how they can better support their efforts. We will work to share applications with funders outside of the scope of this initiative, as long as applicants approve of us doing so, with the goal of spreading awareness and creating additional funding opportunities.
Who is eligible to apply for funds?
Any organizations or groups that are working to advance racial equity and justice within Oklahoma City city limits may apply for a grant. Organizations do not need to be a 501(c)(3) to be eligible for funding, and there are no limitations regarding the size or type of the organization. One of the reasons for establishing this fund was to create a more accessible funding stream for smaller groups or grassroots efforts that are making a change in our community, that may otherwise be ineligible for or unlikely to receive traditional grants.
Can my organization submit more than one proposal for consideration?
Yes, you may submit more than one proposal, but you must submit each one as a separate application.
I think the costs associated with my research proposal seem too significant based on the size of this fund. Should I still apply?

Yes, we encourage you to submit a realistic proposal for data analysis and research based on your due diligence and expertise. While there are no guarantees for funding, funders have shown interest in contributing supplemental funds for a strong proposal in this area.

When will award notifications be communicated?

Award notifications will be made in the fall of 2020.

What should be included in the grant request budget?
Please include any expenses associated with your grant request, and if you have any other revenue to put toward your proposal, be sure to include that as well. We realize that expenses may look very different based on your proposal, as the types of expenses can vary greatly for events, trainings, general operating requests, research projects, etc. Examples of potential expenses to consider include salaries, training or consulting fees, insurance, marketing expenses, supplies, technology needs, facilities costs, and more. Click here to see a sample budget. If you have any questions about creating your grant request budget, please email us at before submitting your application so that we can assist you.
Once I create an account on the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma site, how do I access the Black Justice Fund application?
After creating a new account or logging in with an existing one on the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma application page, you should select “Apply” and then search for the OKC Black Justice Fund application.
Who should I reach out to about issues with my account or password?
If you are experiencing issues with your account and/or password on the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma site, then reach out to Erika Warren at For any questions about eligibility, your proposal, or the overall process, send those to